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Our Terms and Conditions

About Alexander Bernhardt Library

Alexander Bernhardt Library is an initiative of Alexander Bernhardt Publishing Company The Library is committed to making available books emanating from Alexander Bernhardt Publishing Company to general members of the public. In addition to this, the library environs are suitable for personal studies, and can be used to that effect by all duly registered members of the public.

Hall Renting

Our portable library hall with the capacity to accommodate up to 50 persons is also available for renting. We accept only educational related events like

  • Seminar presentations
  • Public lectures
  • Executive meetings
  • Tutorial sessions etc.
Rules and Regulations
  1. Eligibility: Only duly registered members of the public are eligible to make use of the library.
  2. Users are not allowed to access the reading area with their bags.
  3. The library is a quiet place for reading and as such anything that will constitute noise is prohibited. E.g. making of calls, playing music, chatting etc.
  4. Smoking, eating/drinking in and around the library premises is highly prohibited.
Registration Requirement:
  1. Registration form (at a cost of N1000)
  2. Any Official I.D (School I.D for Students).
  3. Two passports photographs. One to be attached on your registration form and the other on your library card.

Validity of registration is 12 Months.

Registration qualifies you for subcription

Daily N200 N500
Weekly N500 N1000
Monthly N1500 N3000
3 Months N3500 N7000

Note: Students here refers to undergraduate only

Opening and Closing Hours

8am - 6pm Monday – Friday.

9am - 3pm Saturdays

Closed for Sundays

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